Affiliation: Free University of Bozen

Address: via Columbia n. 2, 00133 Roma

Web page:

Research Interests: Labour, welfare, development and industrial economics


Stefano holds a degree in economics (summa cum laude) from Università La Sapienza di Roma, a M.Sc. in Economics from Università Bocconi di Milano, A M.Phil. in Finance from the Stockholm School of Economics and a Ph.D. in Economics and Finance from Università Tor Vergata di Roma. He worked for the IMF and the UN World Food Programme and served the Universities of Trento and Perugia. His research interests range from Labor to Development, Industrial and Welfare Economics. He Published articles in journals like World Development, the American Journal of Agricultural Economics and Small Business Economics.


  • Castriota, S. and Delmastro, M., “The Economics of Collective Reputation: Evidence from the Wine Industry”, forthcoming, American Journal of Agricultural Economics.
  • Becchetti, L. and Castriota, S. (2011), “Does Microfinance Work as a Recovery Tool After Disasters? Evidence from the 2004 Tsunami”, World Development, Vol. 39, No. 6, pp. 898-912.
  • Becchetti, L., Castriota, S. and Depedri, S. (2014), “Working in the For-Profit versus Not-For-Profit Sector: What Difference Does It Make? An Inquiry on Preferences of Voluntary and Involuntary Movers”, Industrial and Corporate Change, Vol. 23, No. 4, pp. 1087-1120.
  • Becchetti, L., Castriota, S. and Tortia, E. (2012), “Productivity, Wages and Intrinsic Motivations”, Small Business Economics, Vol. 41, pp. 379-399.
  • Becchetti, L., Castriota, S. and Giuntella, O. (2010), “The Effects of Age and Job Protection on the Welfare Costs of Inflation and Unemployment”, European Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 26, No. 1, p. 137-146.

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