Affiliation: Mannheim Institute of Public Health, Social and Preventive Medicine, Mannheim Medical Faculty of the Heidelberg University, Mannheim, Germany

Other Affiliation: Department of Health Sciences, University of York, York, UK

Address: Ludolf-Krehl-Strasse 7-11, 68167 Mannheim, Germany

Telephone: +49 6213839922

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Research Interests: Simulation-based modelling (e.g., Markov Models), Survival Analysis, Causal Pathway Analysis, Economic evaluations in early childhood prevention


Dr. Diana Sonntag is leading the health economics group at the MIPH and the Program Director of the Master of Science in Health Economics. Since 2016, Dr. Diana Sonntag´s habilitation project “Health and politico-economic analysis of early prevention in childhood obesity“ is granted as Excellence Fellowship of the Olympia-Morata Habilitation Program. She is associated with the Department of Health Science, York University.


  • Sonntag D., Sweeney R., Litaker D., Moodie M. (2018), Economic evaluations of system-based obesity interventions – The case for a new approach, forthcoming Obesity Reviews.
  • Sonntag D., Gilbody, S., Winkler V., Ali S. (2017b) German EstSmoke: Estimating adult related smoking costs and consequences of smoking cessation for Germany, forthcoming Addiction.
  • Sonntag D. Jarczok M.N., Ali S. (2017a), DC-Obesity: A new model for estimating Differential lifetime Costs of overweight and Obesity by socioeconomic status, forthcoming Obesity.
  • Sonntag D., Ali S., de Bock F. (2016), Lifetime indirect cost of childhood overweight and obesity: A decision analytic model, Obesity 24(1), pp. 200-206.
  • Sonntag D. (2014), Funding HIV-vaccine research in developing countries – What´s wrong with IAVI´s recommendation?, Health Economics 23 (2), 141-158.

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Events & Presentations

  • November 2016: “Cost-effectiveness studies in primary prevention interventions targeting Children”, European Public Health Conference (EUPHA), Vienna, Austria.
  • November 2014: “Cost-effectiveness of early prevention efforts”, European Public Health Conference (EUPHA), Glasgow, UK 

Research Programs & Projects

  • Health and politico-economic analysis of early prevention in childhood obesity - An empirical analysis