Research Director: Prof. Emiliano Marchisio

The group of researchers involved in the Defensive Medicine research activity includes Vincenzo Atella, Emiliano Marchisio, Federico Belotti, Valentina Conti, Joanna Kopinska, Andrea Piano Mortari, Alessandro Roiati, Veronica Grembi, Andrea Appolloni.


The goal of our research is to offer innovative and valuable theoretical and empirical evidence to policy makers on the role that defensive medicine can play within the health care sector and how it can shape the incentive schemes of various stakeholders like health care professionals, insurance companies, patients, lawyers and health care providers. The joint initiative of the CEIS Tor Vergata and the University Giustino Fortunato is an opportunity to discuss about the problem in an open and constructive way. The value added of this initiative is in its multidisciplinary approach, where the different perspectives from the insurance, economic, legal and medical sides will be analyzed and integrated.


It is common wisdom that the current situation in Italy is affected by the existence of inefficiencies in the existing discipline of medical liability, which should inevitably lead scholars, practitioners and all stakeholders to rethink and rewrite the legal discipline. This will not implies favoring one position against the others, but rather encouraging the proper functioning of the system to achieve the maximum protection of all its actors, would they be both doctors or patients/users. Moreover, contrary to what happened in the last few years, the rethinking and rewriting of the discipline should occur according to a coherent project of legislative policy, leaving judicial intervention (often inconsistent, volatile and, anyway, fragmented and occasional) the sole task of adapting the system of medical liability to the needs of the moment.


Projects collaborations are at the moment under discussion with some stakeholders in the sector


The group together has collected a remarkable number of publications in top international journals in the fields of econometrics, statistics, economics, health economics, economic analysis of law and commercial law with both applied and methodological contributions. Following is the list of main journals where articles have been published: Applied economics, Banca Borsa Titoli di Credito, Banca Impresa Società, Economic Policy, Economics and human biology, Empirical Economics, European Business Law Review, European Competition Law Review, European Health Policy Journal, Giornale Italiano degli Economisti, Health Affairs, Health Economics, Health Policy, Information Economics and Policy, Italian Journal of Public Health, Journal of Econometrics, Journal of Economic Inequality, Journal of Health Economics, Journal of Policy Modeling, Journal of productivity analysis, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Population Economics, Labour, Oxford Economic Papers, Regional Science and Urban Economics, Research in Economics, Stata Journal, Rivista del Diritto Commerciale, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, Rivista di Politica Economica, The Lancet and World Bank Review.