Research Associate in Economics - expired

CEIS Tor Vergata invites highly qualified and motivated applicants for the positions of Research Associate (postdoc) to contribute to the research project on "The Economics of Culture: Ethnicity, Gender and their Interactions"


  • Full time
  • 12 months fixed-term contract
  • Salary: Junior 24,000 euro (approx.), net of tax
  • Expected start date: February 2022

The research focus is on the interactions between migration and ethnic culture, on the one hand, and gender and family culture, on the other. Based on the rich household survey dataset provided by the Bank of Italy, the research will first collect descriptive evidence on the evolution of the immigrant family structure and the corresponding nativity gaps, along several dimensions including family size, marital status, number of children, and co-residence patterns with the elderly and grown-up children. A particular focus will be given to the gender of the declared household head and how it relates to the gender gaps in age, education, labor force participation, and income. Finally, the panel dimension of the data, will allow to investigate if and how the immigrant family structure is affected by policy reforms, such as the labor quotas legislation of 2002 (Bossi-Fini) and the family reunification legislation of 2008.

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