Research Director: Prof. Corrado Cerruti

The Center benefits from the expertise of researchers in Business, Economics, Law, Engineering and Statistics. Members of the Scientific Council are: Simone Borra - Corrado Cerruti - Vittorio Cesarotti, Berardino Cesi, Elisabetta Iossa, Alberto Iozzi, Gustavo Piga, Aristide Police, Biancamaria Raganelli, Giancarlo Spagnolo


The purchase of works, goods and services from public administrations (PAs) or public authorities – public procurement- typically concerns 15-20% of a country GDP. Improving the efficiency of public procurement, reducing its costs and raising the quality of goods, infrastructure and services, can therefore contribute significantly to the welfare of a country. Proxenter aims to undertake research on public and private procurement, to provide evaluations, identify best practices, and offer recommendations on procurement policy and regulations, working with governments, institutions and companies.

Proxenter - Center of Research in Procurement and Supply Chain

Centre for Economic and International Studies

Faculty of Economics - University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’
Via Columbia, 2 - 00133
Rome - Italy