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Affiliation: Department of Economics and Finance (DEF) - University of Tor Vergata

Other Affiliation: IZA, CESIfo

Address: via Columbia n. 2, 00133 Roma

Telephone: +39 06 7259 5916

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Research Interests: Labor Economics; Family Economics; Health Economics; Policy evaluation


Daniela Vuri is Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at University of Rome Tor Vergata since 2006. Previously she worked as Assistant Professor in Economics at the University of Florence from 2001 to 2006. In February 2011 she got the abilitation for Associate Professor. She received a BA in Statistics and Economics from the University of Rome La Sapienza in 1996, a MSc in Economics from Coripe Piemonte in 1998, and a Ph.D. in Economics from the European University Institute in 2003.

She joined IZA as a Research Affiliate in November 2001 and became a Research Fellow in February 2004. She is also a Research Fellow of CESIfo since 2006. In September 2006 she was visiting at the CESifo, University of Munich; in April and May 2007 she was Ecass Visiting Scholar at the Institute for Social and Economic Research - University of Essex. In 2007-2008 she was Visiting Scholar at MIT.
In 2006-2007 she was consultant for the World Bank.


  • “Job Mobility and the Gender Wage Gap in Italy” (2011) with E. Del Bono, Labour Economics, 18: 130-142
  • “Entrepreneurship and Market Size. The Case of Young College Graduates in Italy” (2010), with S. Di Addario, Labour Economics, 17: 848–858
  • Smoking Habits: Like Father, Like Son, Like Mother, Like Daughter?” (2010) with A. Sanz de Galdeano and M. Loureiro, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 72(6): 717-743
  • “Are employers discriminating with respect to weight? European Evidence using Quantile Regression” (2008), with V. Atella and N. Pace, Economics & Human Biology, 6: 305-329
  • “Parental Divorce and Students’ Performance. Evidence from longitudinal data” (2007) with A. Sanz de Galdeano, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Volume 69, Issue 3, pp 321–338

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Research Programs & Projects

  • Smoking ban and smoking behavior in Italy: Evidence from the Clean Indoor Air Law in 2005, con E. Del Bono (ISER) e K. Gruenberger (Universita’ di Tor Vergata) o School Inputs, Cognitive Development and Labor Supply of Mothers: Evidence from the “One Teacher Only” Reform in Italy, with E.Battistin (U. Padova) and J. Angrist (MIT)
  • The Impact of Joint Custody Law on Judicial Outcomes: Evidence from Courts in Italy, with G. De Blasio
  • The impact of shocks during pregnancy on children outcomes at birth: evidence from L’Aquila earthquake in 2009, with V. Atella