Affiliation: Department of Economics and Finance (DEF) - University of Tor Vergata

Address: via Columbia n. 2, 00133 Roma

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Research Interests: Monetary and International Economics, Applied Macroeconomics, Regional Economics, Spatial Econometrics and Hierarchical Modelling Growth and Analysis of Regional Convergence Methodological Aspects Related to the Analysis of Subjective Well-Being.


University of Rome Tor Vergata
- Associate Professor 2006-Present.
- Ph.D. Research Coordinator 2011-Present: Ph.D. in Economics.
∙ University of Cambridge:
Marie-Curie Fellow in Economics, Faculty of Economics 2005-2010.
∙ University of Cambridge
Research Associate, Dept. of Applied Economics 1998-2001
∙ London School of Economics
Visiting Scholar, Financial Market Group Summer 1999
Fellowships and Honorary Positions
∙ Biographical profile entry in the Marquis Who's Who in the World
∙ University of Cambridge
Visiting Fellow, Wolfson College; Visiting Associate Member, Darwin College, Honorary Research Associate, Dept. of Applied Economics.
∙ University of St Andrews (2002-Present)
Research Affiliate, CDMA
∙ University of Cambridge, Centre for International Macroeconomics and Finance (CIMF), Cambridge Finance (CF) and Centre for Research in Microeconomics (CReMic).
Research Fellow
∙ Euro Area Business Cycle Network (2002-Present)
Media Coverage of Research
∙ The Marie-Curie Project EURECON is featured in the final report for the 6th Framework Programme by the European Commission as one of the 30 most successful projects -over 14.000 funded.
∙ Interviewed by CNN International in October 2006: Boom or bust? The global economy in 2007.
∙ Interviewed on the European Well-Being Research by The Times, The Economist, BBC, Reuters, Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph, BBC World and BBC radio among others.
∙ Coverage on European Well-Being Research: Newsletter University of Cambridge, June-July 2007 pp 10-11. In Pursuit of Happiness, Research Horizons, University of Cambridge Research Magazine, Issue 3 Summer 2007, pp 22-23. Mapping Happiness across Europe - and why trust is so important for a nation's wellbeing, April 2007 Royal Economic Society Conference 2007. No man is an Island, Plus Magazine, May 2007. Plus is part of the family of activities in the Millennium Mathematics Project.
Awards and Prizes
∙ Marie-Curie Excellence Award 2008 from the European Commission (Marks: 100/100 FP7-2007-5-2-AWARDS project EURECONAW) for Research in Social Science. First European Economist to receive the Award. Evaluation "The candidate is an outstanding young researcher who is working in a field of great interest to the public…Her dissemination of results to the general public and her promotion of science are excellent and make her a model candidate for the Marie Curie Award." (Link Award:
∙ Scottish Economic Society's Sir Alec Cairncross Prize 2000
Best paper submitted by a new economist at the Royal Economic/Scottish Economic Society Millennium Conference.
∙ Best Research Project Prize in Economics CNR National Bureau of Research, Italy 1999
∙ M.Sc. Examiners' Prize University of Rome Tor Vergata, 1993


  • The Geography of Well-Being (with A. Aslam) Journal of Economic Geography, Volume 12(3), pp. 627-649 (2012).
  • Where is the Economics in Spatial Econometrics? (with B. Fingleton), Journal of Regional Science, Volume 51(2), pp. 1-30 (2011).
  • Money, Prices and Liquidity Effects: Separating Demand from Supply, (with J. Chadha and Q. Sun),
    Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 34(9), pp. 1732-1747 (2010).
  • Identifying and Interpreting Regional Convergence Clusters across Europe (with Martin R. and M. Weeks)
    The Economic Journal, 115, C133-C160 (2005).
  • Nonlinear Phillips Curves, Mixing Feedback Rules and the Distribution of Inflation and Output, (with S. Holly)
    Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 28(3), (2003).

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Events & Presentations

  • Cambridge Society for the Application of Research -CSAR Plenary Lecture- (Cambridge 25th May 2010): "Happy Danes! Looking behind the recent EU survey into income and contentment"
  • ISS Plenary lecture 24 July 2008, Lady Micthell Hall University of Cambridge: "Does Wealth Improve our Well-Being?"
  • Italian Festival of Science Plenary Lecture, 3rd November 2008: "Is Economic Growth Fostering Individual Well-Being?"
  • CReMic (Centre for Research in Microeconomics) University of Cambridge, 9th October 2008, "Covet Thy Neighbour: Relative Social Position as a Determinant of Well-being";
  • European Regional Science Association (ERSA) Liverpool August 2008, "Is the Grass Always Greener On The Other Side? Assessing the Determinants of Individual Well-Being across Europe"
    and Special Session of the European Social Survey (invitation by the Director of the ESS) at the ESRA Conference (Prague, 2007).

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