HASAN Iftekhar


Affiliation: Fordham University

Other Affiliation: Bank of Finland

Address: via Columbia n. 2, 00133 Roma

Telephone: 646 312 8278 - Fax: 646 312 8290

Research Interests: Financial Intermediaries, Applied Corporate Finance, Emerging Economies.


Dr. Iftekhar Hasan is the E. Gerald Corrigan Chair in International Business and Finance at the Schools of Business of Fordham University, New York and concurrently serves as a scientific advisor to the Bank of Finland in Helsinki. He is also affiliated as a research associate at the Berkley Center of the Stern School of New York University. He is currently the President of the Eurasia Business and Economics Society. A Fulbright Specialist Scholar, Dr. Hasan, has held several visiting faculty positions at universities such as the University of Strasbourg, France; University of Limoges, France; University of Carlos III, Spain; University of Rome-Tor Vergata, Italy; EPFL, Switzerland; National Taiwan University, Taiwan; Academy of Economic Studies, Romania, and Stern School of Business, USA. He is the managing editor of the Journal of Financial Stability and has served as an associate editor in several journals such as the JMCB, JBF and JIMF. Dr. Hasan has over 260 publications in print, including 12 books and edited volumes, over 160 peer reviewed journal articles in reputed finance, economics, management, operation research, accounting, and management information system, journals such as the JFE, JFQA, JB, JME, RoF, JFI, JMCB, JIMF, JEF, JBF, FM, SMJ, RP, OMEGA, JBFA, JAAF, and JMIS. Dr. Hasan received his PhD from University of Houston and also received an Honorary PhD from the Romanian American University in Bucharest.


  • A. Siddique and I. Hasan, May 2013, Stress Testing: Approaches, Methods and Applications, Risk Books.
  • Zhou, Y., Allen, A., and Hasan, I., 2013, State Antitakeover Statutes and Voluntary Disclosure. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 48, 2: April. (forthcoming).
  • Delis, M., I. Hasan, and P. Kazakis, 2013. Bank regulations and income inequality: Empirical evidence. Review of Finance, (forthcoming).
  • Hasan, I., and Marinc, M., 2013. “Should Competition Policy in Banking Be Amended during Crises? Lessons from the EU,” European Journal of Law and Economics (forthcoming).
  • Francis, B., Hasan, I., Wang, H., and Fang, Y., 2012, Product Market Relationships and Cost of Bank Loans: Evidence from Strategic Alliances. Journal of Empirical Finance, 19, 654-673.
  • Chen, Y., and Hasan, I., 2011, Subordinated Debt and Bank Risk. Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, 43(6): 1043-1072.

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Events & Presentations

  • Hasan, I., Kobeissi, N., Wang, H., & Zhou, M. (2012). Bank Financing and New Venture Formation in China: Quantity vs. Quality. The Chinese Economists Society (CES) Annual Conference, Kaifeng, China.
  • Chen, Y. and Hasan, I., 2012, “Asset Fire Sales, the Threat of Bank Runs, and Contagion,” presented at 2012 China International Conference in Finance, Chongqing, China.
  • Delis, M., Hasan, I., and Mylonidis, N. 2012. “The risk-taking channel of monetary policy in the USA: Evidence from micro-level data,”
  • Clark, B., Hasan, I., Li, F. and Siddique, A. 2012- “Delinquencies and Social Capital: Do stronger social networks deter consumer default? (OFR, Washington DC).
  • Francis, B., Hasan, I., and Sun, X., 2012, BEIJING-INFORMS International Meeting, "Do Institutions Matter? Evidence from China's IPO Process," Qinghua University, Beijing, China. (June 25, 2012).
  • Fang, M., Francis, B., Hasan, I., and Wu, Q, 2012. “Executive Social Networks And Earnings Management” presented at Financial Management Association Annual Meetings, Atlanta, GA (2012).

Research Programs & Projects

  • Banks and Income Inequality
  • Gender and Risk Taking Behavior
  • Tax Avoidance - Banks, Politics, and Network.
  • Information Content Of Chinese Stock Prices
  • Geography and Corporate Policies