KOPINSKA Joanna Aleksandra


Affiliation: CEIS - University of Tor Vergata

Current Position: Assistant Professor at Sapienza University of Rome

Address: Piazzale Aldo Moro, 5 - Roma

Telephone: +39  0649690249

Research Interests: Health economics, Relationship between socioeconomic status and health, Education and human capital development, Evaluation and empirical methods.


Joanna has been a Research Fellow of the Centre for Economic and International Studies since 2009. In July 2012 she received her Ph.D. from the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” for her thesis on applied health economics. She holds a Master’s degree in Development Economics and International Cooperation, and a Master’s degree in Finance and Banking.

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The 5 most recent Publications

  • with Giaccherini, M. and Palma, A."When Particulate Matter Strikes Cities: Social Disparities and Health Costs of Air Pollution"Journal of Health Economics, (2021).
  • with Di Porto, E. and Palma, A."Labor Market Effects of Dirty Air. Evidence from Administrative Data"Economia Politica, (2021).
  • with Vincenzo Atella and Partha Deb,"Heterogeneity in Long Term Health Outcomes of Migrants within Italy"Journal of Health Economics, 63: 19-33 (2019).
  • with Vincenzo Atella, Andrea Piano Mortari, Federico Belotti, Claudio Cricelli, Francesco Lapi, Luigi Fontana, "Trends in Age-Related Disease Burden and Health Care Utilization",Aging Cell, e12861 (2018).
  • with Vincenzo Atella, Federico Belotti, Chris Bojke, Adriana Castelli, Andrea Piano Mortari and Andrew Street ,"How health policy shapes healthcare sector productivity? Evidence from Italy and UK."Health Policy, 10.016 (2018).

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Events & Presentations

The 5 most recent Events & Presentations

  • Invited seminar TINBERGEN INSTITUTE Labor Seminars and Empirical Microeconomics, Winter 2021
  • NBER The Rise in Cardiovascular Disease Mortality conference, Spring 2021
  • NBER Summer Institute, Aging virtual panel, Summer, 2020
  • VisitINPS yearly conference, Rome, virtual panel, Summer, 2020
  • Childrens Health, Well-Being, and Human Capital Formation virtual Workshop, Barcelona GSE, Summer, 2020
  • Dondena Workshop on Public Policy, Bocconi University, invited speaker, Milan, Fall, 2019

Research Programs & Projects

  • Female students in STEM disciplines
  • Horizon 2020, WP8, “Dynamic longitudinal exposome trajectories in cardiovascular and metabolic Noncommunicable diseases (LONGITOOLS)”
  • The impact of maternal labor protection on pregnancy outcomes and infant health
  • The impact of social media fake news on vaccines
  • Fathers' Take-up of Parental Leave: The Role of Local and Firm Factors

Awards and Grants

  • Sapienza Research grant “Female students in STEM disciplines”
  • VisitINPS Scholar program “Fathers' Take-up of Parental Leave: The Role of Local and Firm Factors”
  • EIEF grant “Vax populi: social costs of fake-news on childhood vaccines”
  • City partnership grant (UCL) “Maternal labour protection”
  • VisitINPS Scholar program “Job loss, firm-level heterogeneity and pregnancy outcomes”
  • VisitINPS Scholar program “The long-run impact of WWII on labour and health outcomes”