Affiliation: Sapienza University of Rome

Address: Via del Castro Laurenziano, 9 - Rome

Telephone: +39 06 49766831

Web page:

Research Interests: Network and spatial analysis, political economics, diffusion processes, migration, conflicts.


Valerio Leone Sciabolazza is assistant professor at Sapienza University of Rome.

He specializes in applied economics, and conducts research in different lines of work, mainly political economy and development economics.
His recent work is dedicated to the empirical analysis of behavioral models of strategic interactions for decision-making.

He is associate editor of the Journal of Economic Geography. He also worked as a consultant for several international agencies, such as IFAD, FAO, and the World Bank.


The 5 most recent Publications 

  • M. Battaglini, V. Leone Sciabolazza, E. Patacchini (2020), Abstentions and Social Networks in Congress, The Journal of Politics, forthcoming.
  • M. Battaglini, V. Leone Sciabolazza, E. Patacchini, S. Peng (2022), Econet: An R package for the estimation of parameter-dependent centrality measures. Journal of Statistical Software, forthcoming.
  • M. Di Maio, V. Leone Sciabolazza (2021), Conflict exposure and health: Evidence from the Gaza Strip, Health Economics, 30(9), 2287–2295.
  • M. Di Maio, V. Leone Sciabolazza, V. Molini (2021), Migration in Libya: a spatial network analysis, World Bank, Policy Research Working Paper 9110.
  • M. Battaglini, V. Leone Sciabolazza, E. Patacchini (2020), Effectiveness of connected legislators, American Journal of Political Science, 64(4), 739-756.

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