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Affiliation: CEIS - University of Tor Vergata and Department of Management and Law (DMD) University of Tor Vergata

Address: via Columbia n. 2, 00133 Roma


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Research Interests: Sustainable Public Procurement, Global Supply Chain Management, Change Management, Anti-Corruption, Public Management


Marie Sklowdoska-Curie Ph.D. Fellow and member of the SAPIENS Network, an International Research Network funded by the European Commission to advance research on Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP).

Valentina has a background in Development Economics with over 10-year experience as Public Management Advisor for Italian governmental bodies (Italian National School for Public Administration -SNA) and International Organizations (UNDP, World Bank, EBRD) in low and middle-income countries.

Geographic experience:
Democratic Republic of the Congo (2021); Myanmar (2018 – 2021; 2014-2016); Mozambique (2018); Ethiopia (2017); Rwanda (2017); Benin (2017); Uganda (2017); MENA region (2013 – 2016); Sierra Leone (2013); Italy (2012 – 2016).

Her main areas of expertise are public procurement, anti-corruption, and change management in public sector reforms.


The 5 most recent Publications 

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Events & Presentations

The 5 most recent Events & Presentations

  • Bianchini V., Appolloni A., “Sustainable public procurement and global sourcing: joining forces to enhance sustainability? A systematic and critical review.”, IPSERA International Conference 2022, Jonkoping (Sweden)
  • Bianchini V., Binci D., Appolloni A., “Purchasing and Sustainability functions integration for Green Public Procurement Implementation. Evidence from an Italian case-study.”, EUROMA 2022, Berlin
  • Ceschel F., Bianchini V., Homberg F., “HRM System Strenght and Nurse Managers response to COVID-19”, EGOS Conference 2022, Vienna
  • Bianchini V.,  Conference Chair, “Gender Equality in Public Administration – Myanmar case study”, UNDP Regional Asia Pacific, September 2020, held virtually because of Covid-19 constraints.
    Sapienza University of Rome (2017)
  • Bianchini V., “Agility, leadership and cross-sectoral cooperation in civil service”, ASEAN Inter-Sectoral Dialogue on Public Service Motivation to Support the Realization of ASEAN Community Vision 2025 and Sustainable Development Goals, November 2019, held in Naypyidaw - Myanmar.

Research Programs & Projects

  • Member of the SAPIENS Network, an International Research Network funded by the European Commission Marie-Sklowdoska Curie Actions. Her 3-year research project investigates how public buyers int he EU can use public procurement to foster sustainability in their (global) supply chains.