MAAT - MESCI Academics and Alumni Talks

in memory of Carmen Tata

For many years, Carmen Tata has played a crucial role in making the Master in Development Economics and International Cooperation (MESCI) one of the most successful international post- graduate programmes offered by the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

About four years from her premature passing, we would like to commemorate her life and work with a one-day event, to carry on the path she traced and to bring together the academics and professionals that have been part of the MESCI family Carmen has created.

The workshop will take place in Rome, on Friday 17 November 2023 at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, School of Economics, Sala del Consiglio.

MESCI professors, students, alumni and friends are invited to present a short contribution of approximately twenty minutes, focusing on wide range of topics related to new frontiers in development Economics and international cooperation, including but not limited to economic growth and development, inequality, international cooperation, education, financial inclusion and access to credit, agriculture and food security, international trade, governance and
development policies, gender development issues, green economy and environmental issues.

If you are interested in present your work, please submit an abstract of not more than one full page, by September 30th, to Accommodation and round-trip European flights for accepted presenters will be covered by the organization.

Please be aware that we expect to receive many more expressions of interest than the available slots. We apologize in advance with those we may not be able to accommodate within the schedule.
The event will be open to all interested participants under registration. Details will be provided in a subsequent announcement.

We look forward to your valuable contributions and participation in this special workshop.

For any inquiries, please contact

Scientific Committee

Barbara Annicchiarico
Leonardo Becchetti
Alessio D'Amato
Joanna Kopinska
Paolo Paesani
Furio Camillo Rosati
Sara Savastano
Carmine Soprano
Giovanni Vecchi

Organizing Committee

Antonella Gibellino
Stefania Di Natale
Emanuele Loffa
Paolo Paesani
Barbara Piazzi
Olga Raduchych
Chiara Rossani
Raffaella Sisti


MAAT - MESCI Academics and Alumni Talks

Rome, November 17th, 2023: 8:45am 3:00pm

University of Rome Tor Vergata
School of Economics, Sala del Consiglio

  • 8:45am - Welcome
  • 9:00am - Opening remarks
  • 9:30am - First Session - MESCI Academics
    • Chairman: D. Suttie
    • Speakers: Prof. A. D’Amato, Prof. R. Hormazabal, Prof. J. Kopinska, Prof. C. Soprano, Prof. P.L. Scandizzo
  • 11:00am - Coffee break
  • 11:30am - Second Session - MESCI Alumni
    • Chairman: C. Soprano
    • Speakers: S.J. Ayres, M. Bavaro, F. Colcerasa, Y. Doghri, S. Mancini
  • 1:00pm - Final greetings
  • 1:30pm - Lunch


Online session: click here to join the workshop