Economic Observatory on Multiple Sclerosis (OESM)

The Economic Observatory on Multiple Sclerosis (OESM) represents, in the National context, the first Research and Study Center entirely dedicated to the joint and coordinated realization of initiatives, activities and programs related to research projects aimed at the analysis and economic evaluation of Multiple Sclerosis in Italy and the development of innovative interventions for the governance and sustainability of the Multiple Sclerosis care sector.

The collaboration will take the form of a series of initiatives mainly related to the design and development of economic models related to the exploitation of direct health, direct non-health and indirect costs, with particular attention to the costs for the Social Security System (INPS) of Multiple Sclerosis in Italy .

The evidences and results deriving from the aforementioned research projects will be finalized, by way of example and not exhaustively, to:

  • create publications, productions for conferences, conferences, information materials, etc .;
  • to merge and feed the AISM Barometer of Multiple Sclerosis;
  • to substantiate the advocacy actions and affirmation of the rights of AISM also with a view to supporting the presentation of projects, initiatives and models for the improvement of health and care responses, and of the quality of life of people with multiple sclerosis.

The institutions involved are CEIS, AISM and INPS.