Call for Ph.D scholarship - expired

Call for Ph.D scholarship 2 open positions at University of Rome Tor Vergata - Italy
Prof. Andrea Appolloni 

The University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy, has recently announced various scholarships on the topic related to Green and Innovation management for the three-year PhD programs, starting from December 2021. This PhD program is in Business Administration and done in collaboration with international companies and institutions.:
All information about the calls are available on: Call for Doctorate 37th Cycle in implementation of Ministerial Decree 1061/2021 PON R&I a.a. 2021/2022 web page:
And for the application “Apply Here” on the web page:
These are the two calls related to two Research Projects on Green and Innovation Management:
1) First Project is entitled:
Innovation in the Space Industry to Support the green economy
Web page of the first project is visible here (where detailed description is available):[GREEN]%20PhD%20MGT_Progetto%20(1)%20(Appolloni).pdf
2) Second Project is entitled:
The Circular Economy that makes the entire Supply Chain Sustainable in support of the Ecological Transition
Web page of the second project is visible here (where detailed description is available):[GREEN]%20PhD%20MGT_Progetto%20(2)%20(Appolloni).pdf
The deadline for submitting the application is very short: October 27th at 3pm.
The course is remunerated with a scholarship for three years, both, Italians and foreigners can participate in this call. Anyone who has achieved or will achieve a second level masters degree indicated by the Call no later than 31 October 2021 can participate. For any other administrative information, please contact the PhD school or use the Call for selection.
If any of you are interested in either of these two opportunities, you can contact me via email or proceed with the application form.