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Monetary Regimes and Real Exchange Rates: Long-Run Evidence at the Product Level

Kim Jason, Mello Marco, Petracchi Cosimo,
CEIS Research Paper, 579, June 2024

On the Output Effect of Fiscal Consolidation Plans: A Causal Analysis

Carbonari Lorenzo, Farcomeni Alessio, Maurici Filippo, Trovato Giovanni,
CEIS Research Paper, 578, May 2024

Ordered Correlation Forest

Di Francesco Riccardo,
CEIS Research Paper, 577, May 2024

Ups and (Draw)Downs

Proietti Tommaso ,
CEIS Research Paper, 576, May 2024

Human Capital-based Growth with Depopulation and Class-size Effects: Theory and Empirics

Bucci Alberto, Carbonari Lorenzo, Trovato Giovanni, Trivin Pedro,
CEIS Research Paper, 575, April 2024

Optimization of the Generalized Covariance Estimator in Noncausal Processes

Cubadda Gianluca, Giancaterini Francesco, Hecq Alain, Jasiak Joann,
CEIS Research Paper, 574, April 2024

Caring Connections: Immigrant Caregivers and Long-Term Elderly Care in Italy

Capretti Lisa, Kopinska Joanna, Mariani Rama Dasi, Rosati Furio Camillo,
CEIS Research Paper, 573, April 2024

The Cost of Coming Out

Brox Enzo, Di Francesco Riccardo,
CEIS Research Paper, 572, April 2024

The Time-Varying Multivariate Autoregressive Index Model

Cubadda Gianluca, Grassi Stefano, Guardabascio Barbara,
CEIS Research Paper, 571, January 2024

A Further Look at the Gender Gap in Italian Academic Careers

Brunetti Marianna, Fabretti Annalisa , Zoli Mariangela,
CEIS Research Paper, 570, December 2023

The Wind of Populism: Voter Turnout and Political Distance

Becchetti Leonardo, Conzo Gianluigi,
CEIS Research Paper, 569, December 2023

Funding Liquidity and Stocks’ Market Liquidity: Structural Estimation From High-Frequency Data

Aielli Gian Piero, Pirino Davide,
CEIS Research Paper, 568, November 2023

On The Nonlinearity of the Finance and Growth Relation: the Role of Human Capital

Bucci Alberto, Diallo Boubacar, Marsiglio Simone,
CEIS Research Paper, 567, November 2023

Distance Work and Life Satisfaction after the COVID-19 Pandemics

Becchetti Leonardo, Conzo Gianluigi, Pisani Fabio,
CEIS Research Paper, 566, November 2023

Information Campaigns and Migration Perceptions

Florio Erminia,
CEIS Research Paper, 564, July 2023

Is Self-Employment for Migrants? Evidence from Italy

Brunetti Marianna, Zaiceva Anzelika,
CEIS Research Paper, 563, July 2023

Italy in the Great Divergence: What Can We Learn from Engel’s Law?

Chilosi David, Ciccarelli Carlo,
CEIS Research Paper, 562, July 2023

Are Anti-Federalism and Republicanism the Way Forward for a United States of Europe? Lessons from American History

Hong Dandan, Pecchi Lorenzo, Piga Gustavo,
CEIS Research Paper, 561, July 2023