Health Economics and Management (HEM) research group at CEIS represents one of the leading research group of the Center. Established at the end of the last century, the group has been very active over the years producing research output, consulting activities and post-graduate training. Overall, the group has secured to the Center more than 3 millions of euros of research projects over the last 5 years.

Despite the small size of the group, since 2005 the group has produced a large number of articles published in peer-reviewed international journals and books, and produces a widely known yearly Report on the Italian health care system.
Although research activity is at the core of our interests, the Centre also works to ensure a wide coverage in non-academic outlets – such as magazines and newspapers - and through websites and other media releases – to spread to a wide audience the outcomes of our research activity. The Centre’s researchis regularly cited in important government and other documents. The Ministry of Health and several regional health organizations use our services on a regular basis.