The Centre for Economic and International Studies (CEIS) was established in 1987 and is an internationally recognized Economic Research Centre within the University of Rome Tor Vergata.


Conduct high quality policy-relevant research on economic issues that call for innovative and impact-oriented responses from the academic community

Promote advanced training in key areas of economics thus empowering graduate students to forge ahead and succeed in the field of economics and other professionals to expand their potentials for career opportunities.

CEIS is committed to produce and disseminate outstanding research and analyses for the promotion of sustainable economic development, and to expand and improve public policy options in Italy and around the world.

Its research agenda covers different areas and fields of economics, with special interests on global macroeconomic topics, economic development and growth theory, international money and finance, energy and environment, organization and management, corporate finance and financial intermediation, econometric and empirical analyses, welfare and taxation, labor, health and public policy among others. This research activity is published (and publicly available) through the CEIS research Paper series or through the publication of special reports and journals.

According to RePEc, our Centre belongs to the top 5% of the world ranking of Economic Research Centers and Universities and is one of the first within the Italian research centers.

CEIS is fully funded outside the University of Rome Tor Vergata and receives its financial support through donations, project grants and fellowships from several public and private national and international organizations outside the University of Rome Tor Vergata.