Research Director: Prof. Furio Camillo Rosati 

A Board of Directors oversees the activities of the Centre and develops its strategic guidelines.

A Scientific Committee, composed by development experts from the academia, the international organizations as well as the civil society, provides sound scientific advice and identifies new emerging development challenges. The Scientific Committee can call on additional expertise from a pool of scientific advisors and a database of experts.
The Director is assisted by a group of researchers in charge of organizing and carrying out the Centre’s daily activity.



The Italian Centre for International Development (ICID), hosted by CEIS – University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’, focuses on international development. The Centre’s mission is to promote a better understanding of development challenges in an increasingly globalized world, through an inter-disciplinary approach.
To this end, the mandate of ICID is designed around the following three core pillars:

Promoting and implementing high-level and policy-relevant research across the wide spectrum of development areas (see “Thematic areas).

Creating and facilitating an inter-disciplinary network of experts in the development arena, connecting academia and researchers as well as practitioners in the development field, with a view to increasing the impact of the research community on policy making and development cooperation.

Creating training opportunities for young researchers in the development field, through PhD and Master courses, seminar and workshop series, student exchanges (involving institutions from both industrialized and less-industrialized countries), and research mentoring.

ICID’s design and composition provides it with a unique capacity for state of the art research addressing the many interconnected development issues facing today’s world. The ownership and reach of ICID research is strengthened further through active research partnerships with government counterparts, workers’ and employers’ organisations, international development organizations, private financial institutions, private sector firms, and regional and international development banks.

The European Centre for Food Policy Research (ECFPR)

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