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Till Mortgage Do Us Part: Mortgage Switching Costs and Household’s Bank Switching

Brunetti Marianna, Ciciretti Rocco, Djordjevic Ljubica,
CEIS Research Paper, 364, May 2020

Other regarding preferences and reciprocity:insights from experimental findings and satisfaction data

Becchetti Leonardo, Pelligra Vittorio, Taurino Serena F.,
CEIS Research Paper, 363, February 2016

The Model Confidence Set package for R

Bernardi Mauro, Catania Leopoldo,
CEIS Research Paper, 362, November 2015

The Effect of Discretion on Procurement Performance

Coviello Decio, Guglielmo Andrea, Spagnolo Giancarlo,
CEIS Research Paper, 361, November 2015

The Vote With the Wallet as a Multiplayer Prisoner’s Dilemma

Becchetti Leonardo, Salustri Francesco,
CEIS Research Paper, 359, November 2015

Prizes versus Contracts as Incentives for Innovation

Che Yeon-Koo, Iossa Elisabetta, Rey Patrick,
CEIS Research Paper, 358, October 2015

Treatment Plan Comparison in Obstructive Respiratory Disorders: an Observational Study of Doxofylline vs. Theophylline in the Marche Region

Mennini Francesco Saverio, Sciattella Paolo, Marcellusi Andrea, Marcobelli Alberico, Russo Alessandra, Caputi Achille Patrizio,
CEIS Research Paper, 356, October 2015

Common Feature Analysis of Economic Time Series: An Overview and Recent Developments

Centoni Marco, Cubadda Gianluca,
CEIS Research Paper, 355, October 2015

The Impact of Redistribution Mechanisms in the Vote with the Wallet Game: Experimental Results

Becchetti Leonardo, Pelligra Vittorio, Salustri Francesco,
CEIS Research Paper, 354, October 2015

Large Scale Covariance Estimates for Portfolio Selection

Lautizi Francesco,
CEIS Research Paper, 353, August 2015

The Value of Personal Information in Markets with Endogenous Privacy

Montes Rodrigo, Sand-Zantman Wilfried, Valletti Tommaso M.,
CEIS Research Paper, 352, August 2015

Second Homes: Households' Life Dream or (Wrong) Investment?

Brunetti Marianna, Torricelli Costanza ,
CEIS Research Paper, 351, August 2015

Insider's Dilemma: a General Solution in a Repeated Game

Cesi Berardino, Ferrarese Walter,
CEIS Research Paper, 350, July 2015

The Life Saving Effects of Hospital Proximity

Bertoli Paola, Grembi Veronica,
CEIS Research Paper, 349, July 2015

The (W)Health of Nations: The Impact of Health Expenditure on the Number of Chronic Diseases

Becchetti Leonardo, Conzo Pierluigi, Salustri Francesco,
CEIS Research Paper , 348, June 2015

Seasonal Changes in Central England Temperatures

Proietti Tommaso , Hillebrand Eric,
CEIS Research Paper, 347, June 2015

Experience and Gender Effects in an Acquiring-a-Company Experiment Allowing for Value Messages

Di Cagno Daniela, Galliera Arianna, Güth Werner, Pace Noemi, Panaccione Luca,
CEIS Research Paper, 346, June 2015

Contract and Procurement Design for PPPs in Highways: the Road Ahead

Iossa Elisabetta,
CEIS Rsearch paper, 345, June 2015