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A New Indicator of Technological Capabilities for Developed and Developing Countries (ArCo)

Coco Alberto, Archibugi Daniele,
CEIS Research Paper, 44, January 2004

Financing Technology: An Assessment of Theory and Practice

Scandizzo Pasquale Lucio,
CEIS Research Paper, 43, January 2004

Real Balance Effects, Determinacy and Optimal Monetary Policy

Piergallini Alessandro,
CEIS Working Papers, 200, February 2004

Credit Risk Versus Capital Requirements Under Basel II: Are SME Loans and Retail Credit Really Di Erent?

Jesper Tor Jacobson, Kasper Roszbach Lindé,
CEIS Working Papers, 199, February 2004

Pricing credit risk through equity options

Delzio Marco Fabio,
CEIS Working Papers, 198, February 2004

Political Risk in Syndicated Lending:Theory and Empirical Evidence Regarding the Use of ProjectFinance

Christa Hainz, Kleimeier Stefanie,
CEIS Working Papers, 197, January 2004

The Pricing Effect of Certification on Bank Loans:Evidence from the Syndicated Credit Market

Casolaro Luca, Focarelli Dario, Pozzolo Alberto Franco,
CEIS Working Papers, 196, January 2004

On the Generic Strategic Stability of Nash Equilibria if Voting is Costly

De Sinopoli Francesco, Iannantuoni Giovanna,
CEIS Research Paper, 41, December 2003

Capital Structure in South Korea: A Quantile Regression Approach

Fattouh Bassam, Harris Laurence, Scaramozzino Pasquale,
CEIS Research Paper, 40, December 2003

La teoria della tassazione ottima del reddito: una rassegna critica

Zoli Mariangela,
CEIS Working Papers, 195, December 2003

Estimation of the Sharing Rule Between Adults and Children and Related Equivalence Scales Within a Collective Consumption Framework

Atella Vincenzo, Perali Federico, Arias Carlos, Castagnini Raffaella, ,
CEIS Research Paper, 28, November 2003

Endogenous Monetary Policy with Unobserved Potential Output

Cukierman Alex, Lippi Francesco,
CEIS Research Paper, 26, November 2003

Children's Working Hours and School Enrollment: Evidence from Pakistan and Nicaragua

Rosati Furio Camillo, Rossi Maria Cristina,
CEIS Research Paper, 25, November 2003

Private Medical Insurance and Saving: Evidence from the British Household Panel Survey

Guariglia Alessandra, Rossi Maria Cristina,
CEIS Research Paper, 39, November 2003

Consolidation and Efficiency in the Financial Sector: A Review of the International Evidence

Salleo Carmelo, Barnes Colleen, Amel Dean F., Panetta Fabio,
CEIS Research Paper, 20, November 2003

Nonlinear Phillips Curves, Mixing Feedback Rules and the Distribution of Inflation and Output

Corrado Luisa, Holly Sean,
CEIS Research Paper, 37, October 2003

Reverse Discrimination and Efficiency in Education

De Fraja Gianni,
CEIS Research Paper, 38, October 2003

Bisogni, risorse e nuove strategie

CEIS Report, 1, October 2003

Individual Mortality and Macro Economic Conditions from Birth to Death

Portrait France, van den Berg Gerard J., Lindeboom Maarten,
CEIS Research Paper, 42, October 2003

Determinants of Access to Physician Services in Italy: A Latent Class Seemingly Unrelated Probit Approach

Rosati Furio Camillo, Atella Vincenzo, Brindisi Francesco, Deb Partha, ,
CEIS Research Paper, 36, September 2003