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Parallel Trade, International Exhaustion and Intellectual Property Rights: A Welfare Analysis

Szymanski Stefan, Valletti Tommaso M.,
CEIS Research Paper, 75, October 2006

Piracy repression and “Proustian” effects in popular music markets

Becchetti Leonardo, Eleuteri Simone,
CEIS Working Papers, 243, October 2006

Microfinance with divisible investment projects

Pisani Fabio, Becchetti Leonardo,
CEIS Working Papers, 242, October 2006

The determinants of option adjusted delta credit spreads: A comparative analysis on US, UK and the Eurozone

Hasan Iftekhar, Becchetti Leonardo, Carpentieri Andrea,
CEIS Working Papers, 241, October 2006

Market Analysis in the Presence of Indirect Constraints and Captive Sales

Inderst Roman, Valletti Tommaso M.,
CEIS Research Paper, 74, September 2006

Do Labor Market Conditions Affect the Strictness of Employment Protection Legislation?

Saltari Enrico, Tilli Riccardo,
CEIS Working Papers, 240, September 2006

Testing crucial model assumptions: the income/willingness to pay for the environment nexus in the Environmental Kutznetz Curve

Becchetti Leonardo, Rando Luca, Auci Sabrina,
CEIS Working Papers, 239, September 2006

Corporate social responsibility and profit maximising behaviour under consumer tastes uncertainty

Giallonardo Luisa, Tessitore Maria Elisabetta, Becchetti Leonardo,
CEIS Working Papers, 238, September 2006

Mixing Goods with Two-Part Tariffs

Hoernig Steffen, Valletti Tommaso M.,
CEIS Research Paper, 72, August 2006

Price Discrimination in Input Markets

Inderst Roman, Valletti Tommaso M.,
CEIS Research Paper, 73, July 2006

Structural Breaks and Optimal Monetary Policy

Mattesini Fabrizio, Nisticò Salvatore,
CEIS Working Papers, 237, July 2006

Inflation Shocks and Interest Rate Rules

Piergallini Alessandro, Annicchiarico Barbara,
CEIS Research Paper, 85, June 2006

Measuring Core Inflation by Multivariate Structural Time Series Models

Proietti Tommaso,
CEIS Research Paper, 83, May 2006

Testing for Parameter Stability in Dynamic Models Across Frequencies

Candelon Bertrand, Cubadda Gianluca,
CEIS Research Paper, 82, May 2006

The Allocation of Tradeable Emission Permits within Federal Systems (or Economic Unions)

D'Amato Alessio, Valentini Edilio,
CEIS Working Papers, 235, May 2006