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Parallel Monies, Parallel Debt: Lessons from the EMU and Options for the New EU

Basevi Giorgio, Piga Gustavo, Pecchi Lorenzo,
CEIS Research Paper, 68, April 2005

Fiscal Implications of Pension Reforms in Italy

Peracchi Franco, Brugiavini Agar,
CEIS Research Paper, 67, April 2005

Intergenerational Transfers, Lifetime Welfare and Resource Preservation

Valente Simone,
CEIS Working Papers, 214, March 2005

On the Sources of the Inflation Bias and Output Variability

Piga Gustavo,
CEIS Research Paper, 66, February 2005

Interest Rate Pegs, Wealth Effects and Price Level Determinacy

Marini Giancarlo, Annicchiarico Barbara,
CEIS Research Paper, 65, February 2005

Survey Response and Survey Characteristics: Micro-level Evidence from the European Commission Household Panel

Peracchi Franco, Nicoletti Cheti, ,
CEIS Research Paper, 64, February 2005

Fiscal Implications of Pension Refprms in Italy

Brugiavini Agar, Peracchi Franco,
CEIS Working Papers, 213, February 2005

Affordability of Medicines and Patients' Cost Reduction Behaviors: Empirical Evidence Based on SUR Estimates from Italy and the United Kingdom

Atella Vincenzo, Schafheutle Ellen, Hassell Karen, Noyce Peter R., ,
CEIS Research Paper, 71, January 2005

Survey Responseand Survey characteristics: Micro level evidence from the European Community Household Panel

Nicoletti Cheti, Peracchi Franco,
CEIS Working Papers, 212, January 2005

Market versus Analysts Reaction: the Effect of Aggregate and Firm Specific News

Becchetti Leonardo, Ciciretti Rocco, Bagella Michele,
CEIS Working Papers, 211, January 2005

The Impact on Productivity and Efficiency of US Listed Companies

Di Giacomo Stefania, Pinnacchio Damiano, Becchetti Leonardo,
CEIS Working Papers, 210, January 2005

Bringing Social Standards into Project Evaluation Under Dynamic Uncertainity

Scandizzo Pasquale Lucio, Knudsen Odin K.,
CEIS Research Paper, 63, December 2004

The length of working lives in Europe

Brugiavini Agar, Peracchi Franco,
CEIS Working Papers, 208, December 2004

Macroeconomic Policies and Equilibrium Determinacy

Piergallini Alessandro,
CEIS Working Papers, 207, December 2004

Fair Trade: A 'Third Generation' Welfare Mechanism to Make Globalisation Sustainable

Becchetti Leonardo, Adriani Fabrizio,
CEIS Research Paper, 62, November 2004

Macroeconomic Sources of Risk in the Term Structure

Balfoussia Chiona, Wickens Michael R.,
CEIS Research Paper, 61, November 2004

Inflation Bias after the Euro: Evidence from the UK and Italy

Piergallini Alessandro, Marini Giancarlo, Scaramozzino Pasquale,
CEIS Research Paper, 60, October 2004