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Polynomial Cointegration between Stationary Processes with Long Memory

Marinucci Domenico, Avarucci Marco,
CEIS Research Paper, 99, March 2007

New proposals for the quantification of qualitative survey data

Frale Cecilia, Proietti Tommaso,
CEIS Research Paper, 98, March 2007

A dynamic model for binary panel data with unobserved heterogeneity admitting a Vn-consistent conditional estimator

Nigro Valentina, Bartolucci Francesco,
CEIS Research Paper, 97, February 2007

Maximum likelihood estimation of an extended latent markov model for clustered binary panel data

Nigro Valentina, Bartolucci Francesco,
CEIS Research Paper, 96, February 2007

A sample selection model for unit and item nonresponse in cross-sectional surveys

Peracchi Franco, De Luca Giuseppe,
CEIS Research Paper, 95, February 2007

Monetary Policy and Potential Output Uncertainty: A Quantitative Assessment

Delle Chiaie Simona,
CEIS Research Paper, 94, February 2007

Welfare Implications of Capital Account Liberalization

Faia Ester,
CEIS Research Paper, 92, February 2007

Monitoring Bands and Monitoring Rules: how currency intervention can change market composition

Zhang Lei, Corrado Luisa, Miller Marcus H.,
CEIS Research Paper, 91, February 2007

Global Monetary Policy Shocks in the G5: a SVAR Approach

Zaghini Andrea, Sousa Joao Miguel,
CEIS Research Paper, 89, February 2007

Consumer driven market mechanisms to promote equity and inclusion

Becchetti Leonardo, Gianfreda Giuseppina,
CEIS Working Papers, 248, February 2007

Climate, Happiness and the Kyoto Protocol: Someone Does not Like it Hot

Castriota Stefano, Londono Bedoya David Andres, Becchetti Leonardo,
CEIS Working Papers, 247, January 2007

Bids for the UMTS system: An empirical evaluation of the Italian case

Scandizzo Pasquale Lucio, Ventura Marco,
CEIS Research Paper, 88, December 2006

Bringing Social Standards into Project Evaluation Under Dynamic Uncertainty

Scandizzo Pasquale Lucio, Knudsen Odin K.,
CEIS Research Paper, 87, December 2006

Economic Evaluation in the age of Uncertainty

Scandizzo Pasquale Lucio, Pennisi Giuseppe,
CEIS Research Paper, 86, December 2006

Education and Happiness: a Further Explanation to theEasterlin Paradox?

Castriota Stefano,
CEIS Working Papers, 246, December 2006

The Effects of Age and Job Protection on the Welfare Costs of Inflation and Unemployment: a Source of ECB anti-inflation bias?

Giuntella Osea, Becchetti Leonardo, Castriota Stefano,
CEIS Working Papers, 245, November 2006

The Migration and FDI Puzzle: Complements or Substitutes?

D'Agosto Elena, Tria Giovanni, Solferino Nazaria,
CEIS Research Paper, 76, October 2006