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Human capital, externalities and tourism: three unexplored sides of the impact of FT affiliation on primary producers

Becchetti Leonardo, Costantino Marco, Portale Elisa,
CEIS Working Papers, 262, December 2007

Consumerism and environment: does consumption behaviour affect environmental quality?

Orecchia Carlo, Zoppoli Pietro,
CEIS Working Papers, 261, November 2007

Technology shocks, structural breaks and the effects on the business cycle

Atella Vincenzo, Cubadda Gianluca, Centoni Marco,
CEIS Research Paper, 105, October 2007

Far Away From A Skill-Biased Change:Falling Educational Wage Premia In Italy

Naticchioni Paolo, Ricci Andrea, Rustichelli Emiliano,
CEIS Working Papers, 260, October 2007

Does money affect happiness and self-esteem? The poor borrowers’ perspective in a natural experiment

Becchetti Leonardo, Castriota Stefano,
CEIS Working Papers, 259, October 2007

Fall and recovery. Disruption and catching up effects aftertsunami on a sample of MFI borrowers.

Becchetti Leonardo, Castriota Stefano,
CEIS Working Papers, 258, October 2007

A Multidimensional Poverty Analysis. Evidence from Italian Data

Coromaldi Manuela, Zoli Mariangela,
CEIS Working Papers, 257, October 2007

The glue of the economic system: the effect of relational goods on trust and trustworthiness

Becchetti Leonardo, Degli Antoni Giacomo, Faillo Marco, Mittone Luigi,
CEIS Working Papers, 256, September 2007

Sociability, relational goods and happiness

Becchetti Leonardo, Pelloni Alessandra, Rossetti Fiammetta,
CEIS Working Papers, 255, September 2007

The social consequences of economic growth: The relationship between real household income and self-declared tolerance

Becchetti Leonardo, Castriota Stefano, Rossetti Fiammetta,
CEIS Working Papers, 254, July 2007

Forecasting Oil Price Movements

Coppola Andrea,
CEIS Working Papers, 253, June 2007

Band Spectral Estimation for Signal Extraction

Proietti Tommaso,
CEIS Research Paper, 104, May 2007

Wealth Effects, the Taylor Rule and the Liquidity Trap

Piergallini Alessandro, Annicchiarico Barbara, Marini Giancarlo,
CEIS Research Paper, 103, May 2007

The Impact of Vintage on the Persistence of Gross Domestic Product Shocks

Macaro Christian,
CEIS Research Paper, 101, May 2007

The Impact of Real Estate and Stock Market Fluctuations on Human Well-Being,

Castriota Stefano,
CEIS Working Papers, 252, May 2007

When money does not buy happiness: the case of “frustrated achievers”

Becchetti Leonardo, Rossetti Fiammetta,
CEIS Working Papers, 251, May 2007

The dynamics of Fair Trade as a mixed-form market

Becchetti Leonardo, Huybrechts Benjamin,
CEIS Working Papers, 250, May 2007