Income,Relational Goods And Happiness

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The quest for growth: theoretical and empirical findings and the rise of a bottom-up approach to sustainable development

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A Matching of two Promises: Microfinance and Social Responsibility

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Optimal Rate Base Reviews Under Price-Cap Regulation

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Seven keywords of NHS

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An Exercise on the Optimal Use of Groundwater Resources

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The effects of Fair Trade on Marginalised producers: an Impact Analysis Farmers

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Corporate Social Responsability and Profit Moximizing Behaviour

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Financial intermediation as a source of aggregate instability

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Informal central bank independence: an analysis for three European countries

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Will Italy’ s Tax Reform Reduce The Corporate Tax Burden?A Microsimulation Analysis

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Pricing Discretion and Price Regulation in Competitive Industries

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Parallel Monies, Parallel Debt: Lessons from the EMU and Options for the New EU

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Fiscal Implications of Pension Reforms in Italy

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Educational Wage Premia and the Distribution of Earnings: An International Perspective

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Intergenerational Transfers, Lifetime Welfare and Resource Preservation

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On the Sources of the Inflation Bias and Output Variability

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Interest Rate Pegs, Wealth Effects and Price Level Determinacy

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