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The Role of Publicity Requirements on Entry and Auctions Outcomes

Coviello Decio, Mariniello Mario,
CEIS Research Paper, 180, December 2010

Immigrant Over- and Under-education: The Role of Home Country Labour Market Experience

Piracha Matloob, Tani Massimiliano, Vadean Florin,
CEIS Research Paper, 175, December 2010

A Medium-N Approach to Macroeconomic Forecasting

Cubadda Gianluca, Guardabascio Barbara,
CEIS Research Paper, 176, December 2010

Market Structure, Countervailing Power and Price Discrimination: The Case of Airports

Haskel Jonathan, Iozzi Alberto, Valletti Tommaso M.,
CEIS Research Paper, 177, December 2010

Entrepreneurship and Market Size. The Case of Young College Graduates in Italy

Di Addario Sabrina, Vuri Daniela,
CEIS Research Paper, 171, November 2010

Science and Technology in World Agriculture: Narratives and Discourses

Scandizzo Pasquale Lucio,
CEIS Research Paper, 172, November 2010

Inequality and happiness: When perceived social mobility and economic reality do not match

Bjørnskov Christian, Dreher Axel, Fischer Justina A.V., Schnellenbach Jan,
CEIS Research Paper, 173, November 2010

Country-Specific Risk Premium, Taylor Rules, and Exchange Rates

Annicchiarico Barbara, Piergallini Alessandro,
CEIS Research Paper, 174, November 2010

Welfare Options and Policy Integration

CEIS Report, 8, October 2010

The Adoption and Diffusion of GM Crops in USA: A Real Option Approach

Scandizzo Pasquale Lucio, Savastano Sara,
CEIS Research Paper, 169, July 2010

The Market for Lawyers and the Quality of Legal Services

Iossa Elisabetta, Jullien Bruno,
CEIS Research Paper, 170, July 2010

Estimation of ordered response models with sample selection

De Luca Giuseppe, Perotti Valeria,
CEIS Research Paper, 168, June 2010

Optimal Farm Size under an Uncertain Land Market: the Case of Kyrgyz Republic

Savastano Sara, Scandizzo Pasquale Lucio,
CEIS Research Paper, 154, May 2010

Sticks and Carrots in Procurement

Bigoni Maria, Spagnolo Giancarlo, Valbonesi Paola,
CEIS Research Paper, 157, May 2010

Non-Exclusive Competition in the Market for Lemons

Attar Andrea, Mariotti Thomas, Salanié François,
CEIS Research Paper, 159, May 2010

Vertical bargaining and countervailing power

Iozzi Alberto, Valletti Tommaso M.,
CEIS Research Paper, 160, May 2010

Research standards for the Italian young academics: what has changed over the last thirty years?

Birolo Adriano, Rosselli Annalisa,
CEIS Research Paper, 161, May 2010