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Financial Constraints and Unemployment Equilibrium

Cesaroni Giovanni, Messori Marcello,
CEIS Working Papers, 191, May 2003

Risk Quantification of Retail Credit: Current Practices and Future Challenges

Santomero Anthony M., Lang William,
CEIS Research Paper, 13, April 2003

Estimation of Unit Values in Cross Sections without Quantity Information and Implications for Demand and Welfare Analysis

Atella Vincenzo, Perali Federico, Menon Martina, ,
CEIS Research Paper, 12, April 2003

Are Mergers Beneficial to Consumers? Evidence from the Italian Market for Bank Deposits

Focarelli Dario, Panetta Fabio,
CEIS Research Paper, 10, April 2003

Exchange Monitoring Bands: Theory and Policy

Zhang Lei, Corrado Luisa, Miller Marcus H.,
CEIS Research Paper, 8, April 2003

Option Values, Switches And Wages - An Analysis Of The Employmentguarantee Scheme In India

Gaiha Raghav, Imai Katsushi, Scandizzo Pasquale Lucio,
CEIS Working Papers, 189, March 2003

On ethical product differentiation

Becchetti Leonardo, Solferino Nazaria,
CEIS Working Papers, 188, March 2003

Why do Banks Merge?

Salleo Carmelo, Focarelli Dario, Panetta Fabio,
CEIS Research Paper, 3, January 2003

Population Dynamics and Life-Cycle Consumption

Senesi Pietro,
CEIS Research Paper, 2, January 2003

Cost to the Patient or Cost to the Healthcare System? Which one Matters the Most for GP Prescribing Decisions? A UK-Italy Comparison

Atella Vincenzo, Schafheutle Ellen, Hassell Karen, Weiss Marjorie C., Noyce Peter R., ,
CEIS Research Paper, 1, January 2003

Asimmetric Information, Signalling And Competitionin in The Credit Market

Dini Federico,
CEIS Working Papers, 186, January 2003

Bids For The Umts System: An empirical Evaluation Of The Italian Case

Ventura Marco, Scandizzo Pasquale Lucio,
CEIS Working Papers, 185, January 2003

The Benefits Of Economic Integration And Monetary Unions: The Negative Impact On Growth Of “Export Portfolio Volatility”

Becchetti Leonardo, Hasan Iftekhar, Bagella Michele,
CEIS Working Papers, 183, January 2003


Becchetti Leonardo, Santoro Marika,
CEIS Working Papers, 182, December 2002