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The Determinants of Child Labor: The Role of Primary Product Specialization

Becchetti Leonardo, Trovato Giovanni,
CEIS Research Paper, 59, October 2004

Convergence in Per-capita GDP Across European Regions: A Reappraisal

Peracchi Franco, Meliciani Valentina,
CEIS Research Paper, 58, October 2004

The anticipated effects of EU enlargement: exchange rate volatility, institutions and conditional convergence

Becchetti Leonardo, Wachtel Paul, Hasan Iftekhar,
CEIS Working Papers, 205, September 2004

Convergence in Per-capita GDP Across European Regions: a Reappraisal

Meliciani Valentina, Peracchi Franco,
CEIS Working Papers, 204, July 2004

Multiplicity of Dynamic Equilibria and Global Efficiency

Marini Giancarlo, Senesi Pietro,
CEIS Research Paper, 57, June 2004

Aversion to Inequality in Italy and its Determinants

Atella Vincenzo, Perali Federico, Coggins Jay S., ,
CEIS Research Paper, 56, June 2004

The Anticipated and Concurring Effects of the EMU

Becchetti Leonardo, Bagella Michele, Hasan Iftekhar,
CEIS Research Paper, 55, May 2004

The Term Structure of Interest Rates and the Public Debt Issuance Policy: A Note

Valente Giorgio, Piga Gustavo,
CEIS Research Paper, 49, April 2004

Sustainable Development: Renewable Resources and Technological Progress

Valente Simone,
CEIS Research Paper, 54, April 2004

Industry and Time Specific Deviations from Fundamental Values in a Random Coefficient Model

Trovato Giovanni, Becchetti Leonardo, Trovato Giovanni, Rocci Roberto,
CEIS Research Paper, 52, April 2004

Health Effects of Child Work: Evidence from Rural Vietnam

Rosati Furio Camillo, van Doorslaer Eddy, O'Donnell Owen A,
CEIS Research Paper, 53, April 2004

Semiparametric Mixture Models for Multivariate Count Data, with Application

Alfò Marco, , Trovato Giovanni,
CEIS Research Paper, 51, April 2004

Do husbands’ and wives’ predictions irrationally diverge?

Giamboni Luigi,
CEIS Working Papers, 203, April 2004

A behavioral model of consumption

Giamboni Luigi, Waldmann Robert J.,
CEIS Working Papers, 202, April 2004

Monetary Policy and Fiscal Rules

Piergallini Alessandro, Marini Giancarlo, Annicchiarico Barbara,
CEIS Research Paper, 50, March 2004

Could do Better: The Effectiveness of Incentives and Competition in Schools

De Fraja Gianni, Landeras Pedro,
CEIS Research Paper, 48, February 2004

Extending Logistic Approach to Risk Modelling Through Semiparametric Mixing

Trovato Giovanni, Trovato Giovanni, Alfò Marco, Caiazza Stefano,
CEIS Research Paper, 47, February 2004

Subjective Health Measures, Reporting Errors and Endogeneity in the Relationship Between Health and Work

Lindeboom Maarten, Kerkhofs Marcel,
CEIS Research Paper, 46, February 2004

Ranking Intersecting Lorenz Curves

Aaberge Rolf,
CEIS Research Paper, 45, January 2004