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Born to Run: Adaptive and Strategic Behavior in Experimental Bank-Run Games

Belotti Federico, Campioni Eloisa, Larocca Vittorio, Marazzi Francesca, Piano Mortari Andrea, Panaccione Luca,
CEIS Research Paper, 529, December 2021

The Effect of Mandatory Non-financial Reporting on CSR (and Environmentally Sustainable) Investment: a Discontinuity Design Approach

Becchetti Leonardo, Mancini Sara, Solferino Nazaria,
CEIS Research Paper, 528, November 2021

On Some Problems of Using the Human Development Index in Economic History

Amendola Nicola, Gabbuti Giacomo, Vecchi Giovanni,
CEIS Research Paper, 527, November 2021

Reduced Rank Regression Models in Economics and Finance

Cubadda Gianluca, Hecq Alain,
CEIS Research Paper, 525, November 2021

Herding and Anti-Herding Across ESG Funds

D'Alò Ambrogio, Ciciretti Rocco, Ferri Giovanni,
CEIS Research Paper, 524, November 2021

Experimental Analysis of Endogenous Institutional Choice: Constantly Revealing versus Ad-hoc Contracting

Di Cagno Daniela, Ferrari Lorenzo, Güth Werner, Larocca Vittorio,
CEIS Research Paper, 523, November 2021

Resilience, Social Capital, Active Citizenship and Subjective Wellbeing: the Contribution of Generativity

Becchetti Leonardo, Conzo Gianluigi,
CEIS Research Paper, 522, November 2021

Institutions and Economic Development: New Measurements and Evidence

Acquah Esther, Carbonari Lorenzo, Farcomeni Alessio, Trovato Giovanni,
CEIS Research Paper, 521, November 2021

The Transmission Mechanism of Quantitative Easing: A Markov-Switching FAVAR Approach

Corrado Luisa, Grassi Stefano, Minnella Enrico,
CEIS Research Paper, 520, October 2021

Keeping the Agents in the Dark: Private Disclosures in Competing Mechanisms

Attar Andrea, Campioni Eloisa, Mariotti Thomas, Pavan Alessandro,
CEIS Research Paper, 519, October 2021

Modelling Cycles in Climate Series: the Fractional Sinusoidal Waveform Process

Proietti Tommaso , Maddanu Federico,
CEIS Research Paper, 518, October 2021

Identifying Economic Shocks in a Rare Disaster Environment

Corrado Luisa, Grassi Stefano, Paolillo Aldo,
CEIS Research Paper, 517, November 2021

Three Liquid Assets

Amendola Nicola, Carbonari Lorenzo, Ferraris Leo,
CEIS Research Paper, 516, October 2021

Efficient Nonparametric Estimation of Generalized Autocovariances

Luati Alessandra, Papagni Francesca, Proietti Tommaso ,
CEIS Research Paper, 515, October 2021

Partnership Dissolution with Cash-Constrained Agents

Pommey Guillaume,
CEIS Research Paper, 514, October 2021

Pro-environmental Attitudes, Local Environmental Conditions and Recycling Behavior

Corrado Luisa, Fazio Andrea, Pelloni Alessandra,
CEIS Research Paper, 513, November 2021

Pairs Trading In The Index Options Market

Brunetti Marianna, De Luca Roberta,
CEIS Research Paper, 512, September 2021

Bribes, Lobbying and Industrial Structure

Cerqueti Roy, Coppier Raffaella, Piga Gustavo,
CEIS Research Paper, 511, March 2021

Asset Pricing Using Block-Cholesky GARCH and Time-Varying Betas

Grassi Stefano, Violante Francesco,
CEIS Research Paper, 510, March 2021